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What you can expect with
Mr Bhat's team
Expertise in high value, unhurried video or telephone consultation from the comfort of your home.
Individual, relaxed consultation in well-appointed private rooms.
From your first appointment to the last, Mr Bhat will be leading and delivering your care, including surgery.
Reasonable fees based upon insurance company guidelines. Provider for 20 Insurers in the UK and worldwide.
Access to consultation and surgery outside of normal working hours for urgent problems.
Advice based on thorough training, current experience, and continuing medical education.
The attention of a qualified hand therapist both before and after surgery where necessary. The hand therapist will provide custom-made splints where required.
Anaesthesia by a consultant anaesthetist, highly skilled in Regional Anaesthesia.
Access to specialised plastic surgery, rheumatology, radiology, neurophysiology and neurology consultants, if necessary.

Why Choose Us ?

Honesty & Integrity
“The GOOD physician treats the disease; the GREAT physician treats the patient who has the disease……………………with honesty and integrity”
Years of Experience
Doctor for 30 years with international pedigree, 15 years as a Consultant. The foundations of diagnosis and treatment is in  taking a detailed history and to perform a comprehensive clinical examination.
Affordable Services
Mr Bhat is trained in the Virginia Mason Production System. He is a firm believer in a high value initial consultation, where you get the right diagnosis and placed on the right pathway with least risk. No unnecessary follow-ups, investigations or surgery.
Flexible Payments
Payment by BACS, Cheque or cash accepted within 30 days. Flexible arrangements may be agreed if in financial difficulty, at a personal level.
Services We Offer
Mr Bhat regularly enjoys the challenge of seeing difficult undiagnosed cases and an excellent outcome from treatment.


Mr Bhat treats all the conditions affecting the neck to finger. This includes a slipped disc in the neck to arthritis...

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Hand and upper limb pain can be complicated. Mr Bhat’s knowledge and experience at recognition of patterns of symptoms and a...

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Mr Bhat will always offer you the treatment he would have himself, in the same circumstances. You can be certain that...

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Hand Therapy
“Homunculus statue”
The statue denotes the number of nerve endings in different parts of the body. It is clear that the hand is incredibly sensitive. Therefore any injury or surgery to the hand can lead to serious problems such as severe joint stiffness, swelling and pain.
A hand therapist can assist with emotional and psychological support, as well as with restoration of hand function. Hand therapy has a crucial role in the recovery from injury of the hand or wrist, and in the recovery from hand surgical operations. Issy (Isobel Heppenstall) has looked after my patients for the last 15 years.
The Team
Our Team of experts at your service
Mr Murali Bhat
Consultant Surgeon
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Dr Claire Mearns
Consultant Anaesthetist
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Mrs. Isobel Heppenstall
Hand Therapist
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Mrs Sarah Edwards
Private Secretary
Patient Case Study
Before and After pictures of corrective surgery for finger contracture due to Dupuytren’s Disease
before-after before-after
Finger Deformity Correction in Dupuytren's Disease
The operation involved surgery to remove the diseased scar tissue in the finger, as a day procedure.
Mr Bhat operated on both my feet to
treat Tailor’s Bunions. The day care staff
are very nice and looked after me
extremely well. Mr Bhat did a fantastic job,
he is a lovely man and his skills are amazing.
Jenny Coppard, UK
Mr Bhat operated for two problems
Thumb Base Arthritis and Carpal tunnel.
I am now pain free and my life is changed.
I recommend his vast experience and
professionalism in this domain.
Nicky Buttress, UK
” I was in so much pain from
severe arthritis in my wrist
with complete loss of movement.
Mr Bhat explained everything really well
and took my pain away by fusing my wrist”
Julian Harrison, UK
Latest Articles
Mr Bhat regularly posts articles relating to condition specific patient information and service announcements.
By MrBhat
October 7th, 2021