For self funding patients, Mr Bhat has started a new service for minor operations such as carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, De-quervain’s release, removal of lumps, etc as an out-patient procedure. These procedures cost approximately £2000 to £2500  if performed in the operating theatre. Mr Bhat is now offering the same service at out-patients for a fixed cost of £950. There is no other private hospital in the country that offers such an attractive price for surgery carried out by an experienced consultant.

The process involves an initial consultation with Mr Bhat. This is essential so that he can ensure that there is no additional or alternative diagnosis. He will also explain the surgery, the risks, consequences of those risks, benefits, recovery and alternative treatments. The initial consultation is £230.  If additional procedures or both hands need operating at the same time, top-up fees will be discussed at the initial appointment.

Once the decision to proceed with out-patient surgery is made, it will be timed for a 45 minute slot between 08:30-13:00  on alternate Mondays. You will not require to fast, stop medications or bring anything with you. If you are on blood thinning tablets, Mr Bhat will discuss them with you at initial consultation. In general, warfarin can continue if the INR is <4.

No need to wait in pain for carpal tunnel Surgery. Have it done by an experienced consultant within a week for £850 all in!

You will be asked to come in 30 mins before your appointment. Mr Bhat will inject local anaesthesia early, so that you will zero pain during and after the procedure.

The key advantages of this procedure are:

  • affordable- less than 50% compared to peers.
  • painless procedure- No tourniquet pain.
  • Key hole incision,
  • dissolvable, invisible stitches.
  • One follow-up appointment.